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What I love about Morocco

Then the girl and I had difficulty getting away together this winter so I decided to make my first trip all by myself.

I have always traveled with girlfriends, family or with friends, but many times have been recommended to travel myself as it will mean even more freedom. I first wondered if I would go back to Sri Lanka where I and the girl were two years ago but since I only had one week’s holiday left and a limited budget, (due to the planned trip to Indonesia now in June) so fell choice in Morocco.

Norwegian reade out trips so I found a flight ticket for about 200$ to Agadir round trip including.

I then booked accommodation via Xtravel which I paid 3495kr for including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then also included a beach guide that took me to the best spot for the day.

The Hostel I stayed at was called Maroco and is located a little outside Taghazout but still within walking distance to Tagazhout Beach, Banan Beach and Devils Rock which was also the three spot we trained the most.

It was a cozy and simple hostel with friendly staff. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do in the immediate area, besides swimming and enjoying life, so if you want a little more life and people in motion I recommend that you live inside Taghazout. Are you here for yoga and just taking it easy in the evenings then this is an accommodation that I can really recommend.

A big plus is that the guides will drive you to today’s best beach spot.

The first day we went down to Taghazout beach, a beach break that delivered. If you are here to do yoga for the first time then I can recommend this beach but if you are more experienced then I would choose either Devil’s rock or Banana Beach.

The second time we went past this spot it was very messy. No spot I recommend. If you choose not to stay in Taghazout then it is a must to go and visit this small cozy fishing village. The village is located by the sea with cozy restaurants and small alleys where you can shop everything from clothes to yoga gear.

Is a very small village that has become a real surf mite. We went here one afternoon and sat down at a cafe by the sea and watched as the waves rolled in. Unfortunately, I did not do yoga here but it looked like small clean waves.