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I don’t really know how I thought, but I managed to arrive at Arlanda three and a half hours before the plane would lift.

Sure, I like to be out in good time. Particularly when I’m going far away as now, but three and a half hours is still a bit much.

A little coffee and an alcohol free. For 15$ I had hoped for fresh bread at least. Or was it just hard to stand in the fridge? Hard? Old? Or just compact?

Lucky that I have earmarked food money. After all, I’m going to work. Sitting in the plane and writing.

We should have left Sweden for half an hour ago. But because of technical problem … Technical issues. I like the word issue better than problems. Problems are so negative.

Although it is probably a bit negative to sit here. The sound. It sounds like a dental drill. The loud light penetrating constant sound. Along with a rough pulsating. What tears off enamel and dental substance.

Who vibrates in the head. What are they doing? Newspaper wings? Silence. All out of the plane.

It’s been over two hours. No food or drink. Although there are laws on such.

Back in the departure hall, people are angry. As if it helps. Though good at crisis handling, no one can claim to be here.

I ask for food. Gets a bland answer. There will be rebooking. We get to write our phone numbers on a list. No queuing system. Strongest comes first. They should contact us when they know more.

I can go through the passport control again. Now comes the luggage on a band. In a queue we get taxi coupons or hotels. Nor is there any preparation here. Each case takes time to solve. And no food vouchers.

When the dust settles I hope I’ll write you all from Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, but who knows what will happen.