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What brings us artificial intelligence?

What brings us artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is no longer an idea in science fiction literature. It becomes part of everyday life. As computer intelligence changes our lives and how it will change our future – it was discussed in the Voice of America voice “Together with Greta Van Sasteren”.

Artificial intelligence for many of us has changed the way of life. It affects how we travel, what content we search on the Internet and even the food we eat. However, the rapid development of technology opens up a number of core issues, says Microsoft’s Legal Affairs Director Brad Smith.

“Just as no individual, company or government should be above the law, no technology should also be above the law. I think that we will have to create ethical principles, and then laws that societies can decide how they want to apply this technology, “Smith says.

Artificial intelligence now has algorithms that threaten to overcome levels of human intelligence and are used in the fight against terrorism and world hunger as well as in medicine.

“Many of the most up-to-date methods in immunotherapy, for example in cancer treatment, are actually based on artificial intelligence, and we have many reasons to believe that it will continue and accelerate,” he adds.

However, advances in artificial intelligence also mean that the labor market will be transformed and become much more difficult for low-skilled workers.

“When you come to the fast food restaurant with a driver window, today you receive your order and enters the computer – a man at the restaurant. I think that in five years there is a good chance that this person will not have that job, that it will be run by a computer that can to understand what you are saying and ordering, “Smith said.

Smith adds that for today’s workforce it is fundamental to learn new skills in order to adapt and be successful in the new era.